Giant Media Group (GMG) is a next generation digital media business consultancy targeting all mainstream, top trending online platforms. GMG just celebrated it's 13th anniversary and has since it's inception released more than 100 different game titles and content brands to all major markets globally. GMG includes licensing and distribution units GMG Play, Giant Mobile and JP Games Asia as well as advisory unit Giant Consulting.

Peter Bergstrom has a career spanning more than 25 years in the console, PC and mobile media industries generating more than $400 million in combined revenues. As a passionate entrepreneur and founder, Peter has worked at building GMG since the beginning in 2004. Prior to GMG, Peter worked for Microsoft Game Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Warthog Games, Mitsubishi Electric and others. He has an MBA in finance, marketing and international business from BYU.


The team at GMG has during their careers contributed to the successful release of more than one hundred game titles. As a group, they have clocked decades of industry leading platform experience with Microsoft Xbox+, Sony Playstation+, Nintendo+, iOS, Android and PC.